Bike Geeks Limited Branding Guidelines

Bike Geeks is building a strong memorable brand that will enable cyclists to remember the platform when they require the services of a cycling expert.

To help give us brand recognition we are keen that our members use our brand to enhance their own materials, but we ask that they stick to the following basic guidelines.

Linking back to Bike Geeks

To link back to Bike Geeks from your website or social media accounts, please link to Or link back to your own listing directly (example:

Main logo

Please note, all logos should remain in proportion. Please do not stretch.

Full colour logo

For consistent branding purposes, it’s preferable that you use our full logo whenever you have enough space and the background colour allows.



Alternate logo options

When it’s difficult to use the main .com logo above, please defer to the stacked logo as shown here:



Bike Geeks Orange

Pantone: 130
CMYK values for print = C: 0 M:39 Y:100 K:0
RGB colours for screen = R. 245 G.168 B.0
Websafe colour reference = #f5a800

Bike Geeks Dark Blue

Pantone: 539
CMYK values for print = C: 100 M:78 Y:48 K:58
RGB colours for screen = R.0. G.38. B.59
Websafe colour reference = #00263b

Logo use on darker backgrounds

Logo use on black

On a black or darker background, please defer to the white and orange version:



Logo use on dark grey

On a darker grey background, the preferred logo choice is the white and orange version as shown here:



Logo use on light grey

Please use the main full colour logo on lighter grey backgrounds:


Social media elements

Facebook profile picture frames: We’ve produced some Facebook profile pic frames that you can easily add to your existing images. Please see links below:

White profile picture frame

Facebook_frame_BG_white_v2.png Find it here  

Blue profile picture frame

Facebook_frame_BG_v2.png Find it here

Note: To add a profile frame to your business page, you may need to use some photo editing software. See downloads below for links to a .png (transparent file to overlay) and .psd (photoshop) files.


Download a copy of our brand guidelines here >

Download a logo pack here >

Download a transparent .png and .psd files to merge with your company profile picture on your social media pages. here >

(Please note, you will have to use some photo editing software to achieve this).


Bike Geek Decals/Stickers

To request some van or shop window decals, please contact us at