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Born from a love of all things cycling, this non-affiliated portal aims to compile talented independent cycle mechanics, bike shops and other cycle related services together into one, easy to use website.

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Cycle professionals, we aim to increase traffic to your business and help filter the incoming enquiries according to your specialist skillset. This will reduce time wasted on ‘non-starter’ jobs and give you quality leads in your local area, cementing your reputation as a local expert. Bike Geeks will be the newest tool in your tool box!

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Cyclists will easily be able to find a local cycle mechanic or bike related specialist service that best suits their individual needs – all under one roof. Whether you are searching for a café to stop at on your local cycle route or a professional bike fitting, we have the information you are looking for.

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Coming from a design and technology background, we are putting our expertise in web and application development for blue chip companies, into everything we do at Bike Geeks.

Starting here in the UK, we have an ambitious roadmap ahead and we’ll be adding new features all the time.

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Bike Geeks: helping everybody find their fix.

The current landscape

Now more than ever, with climate change and health at the forefront of people's minds, cycling is experiencing a boom. This is great, however this seemingly simple activity is getting increasingly complicated to navigate with an overwhelming amount of information and services on offer to cyclists.

It makes sense to harness this information into one place, in turn, helping to make sure that every individual enjoys hassle free biking, whether it be for adventure, commuting, or keeping kids healthy in uncertain times.

Written by geeks in non-geek language, Bike Geeks is part of the solution.

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Our vision

Our future plans are plentiful and growing by the day. The more we talk with you, the industry experts, the more solutions we can see. To establish BikeGeeks.com as the go-to website for the cycling community, we aim to continue developing our systems and utilise our knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), software development and an in-depth understanding of a viewer's user experience, to make it an ever more powerful industry tool, this functionality will be further developed over time.

Our Bike Geeks brand will be instantly recognisable, and people will know it’s the place visit to find what they need, when they need it, wherever they happen to be.

Do you offer cycling related services? Be part of the Bike Geeks revolution.

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If you’d like to add your ideas or find out more, we would love to hear from you,

Contact us at hello@bikegeeks.com


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