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A Pedal Precision Bike-Fit is not like any other bike fitting procedure. Others may use a specific set of measurements, formulas and angles to put you in a position that the text-book says you ‘should’ be in. These methods are generally based on parameters within a computer programme telling the operator when each parameter “turns green”. We believe that the human body doesn’t conform to a formula and the computer based systems fail to account for many of the bodies natural idiosyncrasies. Using our sports injury experience, we provide a fit which suits YOU, not the rules. We also realised through experience and discussions with physiotherapists that there was a piece of the Bike Fit jigsaw missing. Therapists were happy to agree that treating patients on the treatment table was one thing, but when it came to giving long term solutions for ride position and injury prevention when actually riding and what to do with the bike in response, they were a little in the dark. This is where your Pedal Precision Bike-Fit takes things beyond where others finish.

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HSBC National Cycling Centre, Stuart Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M11 4DQ
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